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Reiki is a method used to give vital energy to another living being. Which you feel or we feel the need. Reiki has been passed from one person to another through a simple knowledge, using the energy that emanates from every living being himself to give to another. It can be given anywhere, at any time or circumstance of life. It is not required to put anything more than hand pressure, breathing, intention and love to promote emotional, mental and physical health of those who need or who we want to deliver healing. Using hand pressure in different parts of the body helps activate and release energy that for different reasons is blocked or poorly distributed causing ailments and tensions inherent of the stressful modern life. The negative product of such a fast paced life is often coupled with an inability to calm and relax the mind. Reiki is helpful in times like these to promote healing energy levels visibly manifested in an improving physical body. It is a simple and very powerful technique that can be easily learned by anyone who has the desire to channel healing energy towards all living beings. In Ecovital Costa Rica Lodge you will have an opportunity learn and experience what Reiki can do for your mental relaxation, your mood, and your over-all physical well-being. In our garden surrounded by trees, cool breezes and the sounds of wildlife or within your casita, you can enjoy a session of Reiki.

You can enjoy a session of Reiki